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Jeremy Gifford Makes "All These Dreams" Into Beer

Thursday, July 24,2014

Long time friend and ultimate fan Jeremy Gifford is currently making a beer called "All These Dreams" with the help of Chocolate City Beer. He describes the flavor as a pale golden beer with a nice grassy, herbal, mildly fruity hop character. MORE

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Dennis Keeps on Rockin!

Friday, October 23,2009

Original Sev drummer Dennis Faye has a new project, American Giant! MORE

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This is not the SEV you're looking for

Wednesday, January 16,2008

Boy did Yahoo! music screw up or what? I just got an email from a fan named Anthony that I thought (at first) was hate mail because he had just heard a "SEV" CD called 'Chapter 2' and it wasn't what he expected.


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Max's Newsgroup Tutorial

Sunday, January 13,2008

Bit Torrent? Limewire? A Jedi craves not these things. Find out how to unlock the power of the newsgroups and start getting your download on for free!


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Sev Acapella Tracks

Monday, December 24,2007

We found some old audio tracks and isolated the vocals into mp3's for you to download.


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New Website!

Tuesday, November 13,2007

The new website brings you new songs AND a ton of old school Sev memorabilia with much more on the way!


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Monday, November 12,2007

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that Sev gets asked on a normal basis.


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Forgotten Stuff

Wednesday, October 10,2007

A random selection of lost files that were found or just stuff that had no place to go but deserves to be remembered... so enjoy!


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Adrenalin Crew DVD

Monday, June 05,2006

Spawned from the hit Pay-per-view special "Introduction to Street Bike Insanity", Kenny Kelley's fearless Adrenalin Crew is here on DVD. Featuring music from Sev!


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Sev on Nick Carter Tour

Saturday, March 01,2003

After 10 show dates with Nick Carter we can honestly say that is one of the coolest, most down to earth rock stars we know.


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Pepsi Blue Video

Saturday, July 21,2001

In July 2002, the boys were in Rome, Italy filming a commercial / video for the Pepsi Blue drink using their song 'Same Old Song'.