Unreleased 2007 - (2007)

Unreleased recordings of 2007
After All These Dreams, Sev set out to do a follow up and made a library of recordings that were scrapped and revisited over time. Here is what we have available that was almost complete that we recorded ourselves.
Vocals: Phil Clayman & Danny Schools
Guitar: Max Alley
Bass: Max Alley / Tim / Matt Waller
Additional Drum Programming: Pampers
  • Directed
  • First Chance
  • Hated On - Since Geffen drop Sev with out a fair run, Danny wrote these lyrics in retaliation.
  • Natty - Co-written by our good friend Natty Mat, who was our biggest fan in Richmond.
  • No Regrets
  • Now Then - Schwartzy wrote the middle 'Don't go' part of this song.
  • So High Low (robo-dance mix) - This is a completely hacked up version. The vocals were recorded over a much slower version of this song. Since we never had the chance to re-record the vocals they were digitally altered (as you can tell) to fit this song.
  • Start It Back Up - Phil's motivational stance on our Geffen situation.
  • Wake Up